About All Around New Mexico

There's so much to be seen and to be said about New Mexico. Many times, a greater perspective is needed to understand the full story.

This project aims to show the entire picture, quite literally, through the use of 360 media. Stories of the past and present are captured and shared through 360 photography and video. This type of media offers a truly immersive, nonlinear experience of the people and places of New Mexico.

All Around New Mexico is an ongoing immersive documentary project dedicated to capturing the history, culture, people, natural features, contemporary issues and business of New Mexico (both the good and the bad).

Enjoy the experience!

Albuquerque Rail Yard Market

Nativo Lodge Artist Rooms

A virtual tour of the 24-room collection of unique guest rooms commissioned by Nativo Lodge to Native artists.

All Around Breaking Bad

A virtual tour of some of the signature filming locations from the critically-acclaimed series Breaking Bad.

About the Producer

All Around New Mexico was founded and is currently maintained by Cody Johnson. To learn more about the producer, please visit his online portfolio for more media and contact information.